We don’t care for blogs!

The only thing you’ll find here, is a whole bunch of propaganda stuffed with keywords.

For those of you that keep contacting us wanting to work for us. Go away, because we’re not hiring! Not today, not tomorrow, not ever! You’ve got a better chance of getting a job at Google, than you do working at Ink. You won’t find us on advertising for staff ever, so there will be no job ads. We only employ the best. So don’t bother contacting us. If you’re that good, we’ll find you!

Likewise for all those wanting to franchise Ink. We know we’ve got a good brand, we know we’ve got a good product, we know we’ve got a good name, we know we’ve got a good reputation, we know we’ve got a good team, and we know we own a good domain. So you aren’t telling us anything that we don’t already know. So you can take your offers, double them and shove them where sun don’t shine. Because unlike the rest of the world today, we ain’t for sale!

To all you tightarses out there chasing a cheaper price, we are not for you! You seriously want to compare us with someone from Ebay who is working out of their garage in their underpants? We will literally pay you to go away.

We don’t discount, we don’t price match, we don’t hold sales. When was the last time Apple or Ferrari held a 20% off sale? Our price is our price. Take it or leave it!

We don’t offer warranties. Not 6 month warranties, not 12 month warranties, not nothing. Our guarantee is our brand, and our brand is everything to us!

We stand behind every single product we sell!

Most other sign shops will try to flog you the products and services they offer. But we’re not like other sign shops. In fact, we are not even a sign shop. We are the opposite to every other sign shop that has ever been!

We tell you the products we don’t do!

We don’t do Caravans, Bikes, or Helmets. We don’t do Letterbox Signs, Go-Karts or Pin Striping. We don’t do flags or other chinese crap! We don’t do Cheap, we don’t do Prams, we don’t do Weddings and we 100% definitely don’t do stickers or signage of any kind for customers with Model Airplanes or Train Sets!

We can …we just choose not to!

Being the best “sign shop” in Sydney, we are very picky about who we do business with. If we knock you back, it’s nothing personal, we just don’t want your business.

As John West says “It’s the customers that Ink rejects, that makes Ink the best”

And finally, to all you search engines out there. You wan’t keywords? We’ll give you some keywords! How does “f@ck off” sound?

Now go away and leave us the hell alone!