What is corflute? Corflute is a lightweight, corrugated plastic material that’s made from polypropylene. It generally comes in a sheet format.

The sheet has corrugated flutes that run between the two faces, that provide it with a level of thickness and rigidity. This ensures that the overall weight of the product isn’t too heavily impacted.

Corflute is a registered product of Corex which is an Australian based company. It can also commonly be referred to as coroplast, fluteboard, fluted plastic, fluteplast, polyflute, signflute along with corrugated plastic signboard.

Due to the lightweight nature of Corflute, it’s quite an affordable product, which has resulted in there being a range of uses for it over the years, including floor protection on building sites, acting as a membrane for waterproofing retaining walls, as well as being used for protective packaging. It is also heavily used in the signage industry with the printing of Corflute Signs

Corflute comes in a range of colours, with the most common colour is white and the second most common colour being black. It also comes in a range of thicknesses, with the two most common being 5mm and 3mm.

The most common sized sheet of Corflute is 2400mm x 1200mm. However it’s often cut down to a standard size of 600mm x 900mm. This is what political parties use for their election signs.

The real estate industry uses the product heavily for advertising properties for sale. As does the building industry, with the product being popular amongst local tradesman and larger development companies. It is used for site signage, to promote safe work practices, along with the general advertising and promoting their business and services.

The flutes of the sheets can actually be slit on one side, allowing for it to be folded. This is handy for the packaging industry, as they can use it to create custom boxes with extra protection.